Macau Travel Destination


Macau has gone from a Portuguese trading post to one of Asia’s glitziest cities. Somewhat of a “Las Vegas with culture,” the city boasts dozens of swank casinos, bustling nightlife, fancy hotels, and some very unique culture along with cuisine inspired by its Portuguese past. Most folks arrive here via a ferry from Hong Kong, but Kept Secrets will let you touch down in style, taking a view of the surroundings from up high, with a private helicopter flight into Macau.

The city might be renowned for gambling, but Macau actually is a great spot for sightseeing and taking in its old culture. The city center is small and ideally suited for walking, and there are hundreds of churches and temples blending Chinese and Portuguese styles. The Macau Heritage Walk is home to many UNESCO World Heritage buildings such as the Sao Paulo Cathedral or the Penha Church, and spots such as the Kwoon Yam Temple, where the statue of a Chinese goddess resembles a European Virgin Mary, yet another example of the fusion here between east and west.

Even if you aren’t a slot player, the casinos in Macau truly are world class. The Venetian, on Cotai, a strip of reclaimed land, is right out of the Las Vegas Strip, and is the second largest casino in the world, with rivers flowing through it and an Italian architectural style. The City of Dreams houses 3 luxury hotels, a mega casino, and a Dancing Water Theater that is one of the most spectacular and ambitious entertainment shows ever made, with acrobatics and special effects performances taking place in one of the planet’s largest man made pools.

You might forget you are in Asia when it comes to dining in Macao, as cozinha portuguesa reigns supreme. Feijoada, pato de cabidela, and galinha a portuguesa feature on many menus, and seafood and barbecue oriented restaurants are quite common. However many restaurants in Macau serve up Macanese cuisine, which is a blend of Chinese and Portuguese. The founder of Kept Secrets, Brazilian Marcos Pires, is one of the few people who knows the last ten remaining real authentic Portuguese restaurants in Macau, where they serve a vintage Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa along with plenty of fine bottles of vinho verde to toast along with the food, and he will introduce you to the chefs and owners of these spots on a personally escorted tour, sharing his expertise on Macau’s Portuguese colonial architecture at the same time.

Besides casinos, cuisine, and the European-Chinese history, Macau is also becoming a great adventure playground. There are beaches and hiking trails on small Coloane Island to the south of Macau Peninsula, there is a Fisherman’s Wharf theme park, and the colossal Macau Tower features sky jumping, where you can essentially Base jump with a wire cable for 233 vertical meters! Kept Secrets will help you navigate to all the most exciting spots in sparkling Macau.