Japan Travel Destinations


It has been said that Japan is more eastern than the east and more western than the west, and indeed, it is an amazing conglomeration of past and future; from kimono clad geishas and samurai castles to sleek bullet trains, capsule hotels, and sci-fi technology. There are so many places to visit in Japan, whether it be to enjoy its abundant hot spring spas, to sample its epic cuisine, or to marvel at its natural wonders. Kept Secrets can steer you to all the top spots and plan out an itinerary taking in all the mesmerizing wonders in the Land of the Rising Sun.

No visit to Japan is complete without some days in the ancient capital, which is home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Highlights here include the Kinkaku-ji Golden Pavilion, the famed Ryoan-ji Temple Zen rock garden, the old Gion district and its geisha culture, and the Philosopher’s Path, which connects many beautiful temples and is lined with hundreds of cherry blossom trees. Besides sightseeing here, Kept Secrets can immerse you in Japanese tradition, arranging lessons in ikebana (flower arrangement), tea ceremony, calligraphy, or sushi preparation to name but a few.

Tokyo is a fascinating ultramodern miracle. Areas like Akihabara are home to the latest and most futuristic hi tech gadgets and electronic emporiums, where one can spend hours browsing or shopping. Here, and in Harajuku, one can see the bizarre alternative youth culture that is world famous, with young Japanese dressed up in “cosplay” and anime roles, or in Gothic fashions and other trending styles. While the city itself might be modern, you can still relive the old traditions at places like the massive Tsukiji Fish Market, where hundreds of different types of seafood are auctioned off every morning, or in the Ryogoku neighborhood, which is home to the country’s main sumo wrestling stables, where you can see the hulking national idols in action. Kept Secrets can also get you to the best kaiseki ryori (Japanese version of haute cuisine) restaurants or to feast on the world’s best sashimi and sushi.

Japan is much more than just Tokyo and Kyoto, in fact it is home to some of the best nature in the world, with dozens of national parks and beautiful mountains and ocean vistas. Experience the magical volcanic landscapes of northernmost island of Hokkaido, where you can go skiing, walk in virgin pine forests, take in some traditional Ainu culture, or see Sapporo’s famous Ice Festival if visiting in winter. Other areas to consider touring in include: the Izu Peninsula, just a short drive from Tokyo, which is famed for its soothing onsen traditional Japanese hot springs, along with picture postcard views of Japan’s most photographed site, the venerable Mount Fuji; or heading further south to Hiroshima, not only the site of the historic and sobering Peace Memorial Park and Museum, but also the location of tiny Miyajima Island and its Itsukushima Shrine, World Heritage Site and one of Japan’s famed “three classic views.” Kept Secrets can provide tailor made trips and guides to all these spots and many more.