Indonesia Travel Destinations


Indonesia is a vast archipelago of over 17,000 islands, about one third of which are inhabited. Home to an incredibly diverse array of different ethnic groups, languages, and cultures, you can be captivated here by unique wildlife, colorful festivals, and fascinating traditions, and spend days diving or surfing in some of the planet’s best spots, not to mention soaking up some excellent dining and accommodation in the big cities of Java.

Bali is the headlining star of Indonesia. From the partying nightclubs and legendary surfing of Kuta Beach to kecak trance dances and the refined art capital of Ubud where you can see traditional funerals and celebrations, take in a wayang shadow puppet performance, or have a rejuvenating Balinese massage. From sparkling verdant rice terraces to soaring volcanoes, there is much to do on this tiny island, not to mention some of Asia’s most pampering resorts and spas. Kept Secrets can set you up with a Portuguese speaking private guide here along with helicopter flight above the island and ensure that you make the most of your stay on Bali.

Java is the most populated island in Indonesia, with the country’s capital of Jakarta leading the way. Home to world class hotels, fine dining, museums, and mosques, most tourists don’t know about the excellent non touristy spots Jakarta has to offer and Kept Secrets will ensure you get to them. Also on Java is Yogyakarta, the arts and cultural center. Here you can find the ornate Buddhist temples of Borobudur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with some of the best gamelan music in the country, superb batik clothing, and performances of the epic Ramayana opera. Finally, no visit to Java is complete without a tour of Mount Bromo, the beautiful volcanic crater that is the point for awe inspiring sunrises. This highland area is surrounded by lush coffee plantations and therapeutic hot springs.

Other Areas:
Other highlights of an Indonesia sojourn include the Komodo dragons, which live on only 3 islands in the world. Take a seven day private cruise here to explore some of Indonesia’s lesser known gems like Lombok, Flores, and Komodo islands, along with the national parks that are home to the dragons, as well as some first class diving and snorkeling. Also on the agenda for divers would be the hidden away Bunaken Marine Park in northern Sulawesi, with abundant fish and coral life, and well off the tourist trail. In Sulawesi, one can also find the fascinating Toraja people, whose highland culture includes elaborate funeral rites and unique architectural design on their traditional homes. Adventure trekking and festivals are the big draw here. Other islands to be visited in eastern Indonesia include Sumba and the Raja Ampat isles, which have some of the world’s best surfing and diving to go along with their remote locations.

Finally, for those craving a taste of real adventure, head to West Papua, the Indonesia side of Papua New Guinea, where former headhunting and cannibal tribes like the Dani, Yali, and Korowai, who keep their traditional ancient cultures alive deep in the rainforest and jungles. Canoes and small missionary planes are required to get into most of these areas, making the journey just as exciting as the destination itself.