Europe, Brazil Travel Tours & Destinations


While our main mission has been to use our Asian expertise and Brazilian background and connections to bring travelers from Brazil to Asia, we also are in prime position for serving the expatriate and local crowd here in Asia, for those who want to visit Brazil, or to use our background and knowledge of the Europe region to plan trips there.

As we know the international travel market and have excellent contacts, we can ensure the best travel deals when it comes to airfares, hotel bookings, and other travel expenses, and we can serve clients in several ways. Of course we can act as a booking agent for them and find them the best options, but we are far more than just a travel agency. We can create personalized itineraries, help with special interest travel, honeymoons, VIP trips, and plenty more.

For travel in South America, we are at the top of the list when it comes to expertise and experience. Mr. Marcos Pires, co-founder of Kept Secrets is Brazilian, and he retains his wealth of contacts and knowledge of the travel industry there. Whether it is authentic cuisine or architecture in Rio or Sao Paulo, or jaunts to the remote regions of the Amazon, Kept Secrets can put you in the best hands with the best value itineraries for travel in Brazil, as well as further afield in neighboring countries in South America.

The same opportunities are available for Europe, given our stint in the European luxury hotel market and experience as sales and marketing agents for European travel operators and owners. There are countless options to choose from in Europe and we make sure you will get exactly what you want when you plan a European vacation with us.